Saturday 11 September 2010

The Wedding

I have been quite neglectful with this blog lately and for that I apologize.  My summer was chaotic, but fantastic.  I got married!

After 13 years and 2 children we figured the time was right.  It was the perfect day.  Although, I would like to add for anyone planning on getting married, don't leave it till a few weeks before the big day to start making your bridesmaid dresses, I was fortunate enough to have very patient and pretty bridesmaids.

Following the wedding we packed up the car and drove down to France.  Disney was our first stop, happy kids = happy honeymooners.

Then due to the fact that our two little girls are fascinated by history, mainly WW2, we spent our second week in Normandy.  Two museums a day and an endless amount of bunkers and batteries, they loved it...

and I got a chance to do some stitching that did not involve satin or chiffon nor even need a sewing machine...

work in progress


Now though we are home, the girls are back at school, my husband and I are back to work and I have over 200 new fabrics waiting for me to put online....


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