Saturday 6 February 2010

New Heavenly Halves!

We have had a very busy Bob this week.  He has been concentrating on putting together lots of different new Heavenly Halves packs, we love it when he has something to keep him busy but we do NOT love having to put everything away after him (we learn to forgive this when we see the lovely packs).

Here are just a few to tempt...

 Cottage Charm £14.90 - Safari Nights £14.90
Papillion £14.90

Moda Touch of Morris £17.90 - Japanese Taupes £14.90
Japanese Florals £14.90

Flower Market £14.90 - Sugar and Spice £14.90
Puppy Dog Tales £14.90

Moda Authentic £17.90 - Quilters Basics £17.90
Moda Santorini £17.90

All these packs contain six 1/2 yard pieces and more new packs can be found HERE

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