Tuesday 15 December 2009

A little bit of praise

Birdsong by Pauline Jones

Just taking a moment to give some well deserved praise to Pauline Jones who has made another amazing quilt.
Take a look at this...

Wow!  Pauline bought this quilt in to the shop unfinished just a few weeks ago to show us what she was doing with fabrics from our Red Rooster collections, Twinkle Littler Star and Anibella.  To me after seeing it close up this photo does not do it justice so she has kindly sent some close up shots for us to share.

 Aww, did you spot the little bird?


...something is munching on that apple.

I love those flowers!

Another little bird

a lovely bobbin border

and do you know what else?...she can knock quilts like this together in no time at all, don't you just hate people like that!
Thank you Pauline!!!


  1. carefull, I will get dizzy on such a high pedestall. the quilt was made as a sew-a-row with bridge quilters,runcorn & widnes,and assembled by me. I added the round of folded flying geese to put all the colours into it, the flowers in the border are 3D,the glove is embellished with husky stitches and beads, it will hang on my wall next year.

  2. Wow gorgeous quilt Pauline. You are so good at making these. I love every piece of work I have seen that you have put together. I really must have a go at quilting, You and Kelly make it look so easy!!
    xx Lynn xx