Tuesday 20 October 2009

Whether we like it or not...

Christmas is fast approaching.  I, personally, love every moment: christmas shopping, wrapping, baking and everything else that comes with it; I am in my element.  This morning I have spent a good couple of hours getting more of our christmas fabrics on to the website whilst imagining what I could possibly do with some of them.  My personal favorites are the Christmas batiks from which I am thinking perhaps a nice table runner might be made.

Our range of Christmas fabrics can be found HERE.  We also have a lot more choice in store.

For the cross stitchers out there we have some fantastic little kits suitable for sending as greetings cards, or just displaying on the wall or tree (a display hoop is supplied).They would only take a little while to make and look lovely.

Our christmas designs are sold in a kit or some just as a chart.

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