Thursday 3 September 2009

Welcome to our Blog

First things first I would like to say on behalf of all of us WELCOME to our long overdue blog and thank you for taking the time to check it out.

The aim for this blog is to keep you updated on all our goings on in store, such as: new products, event days, special offers, workshops, not forgetting ideas, lots of them, plus whatever else springs to mind. We also have so many beautiful things brought in to show us that we thought it would be a good way to do our customer gallery. Please feel free to keep sending us photos of what you have made, top tips and whatever else you think useful and we will try and add them and give you some well deserved credit.

We are finally getting straight from the Festival of Quilts. Thanks to those who came along to say hi; sorry if we did not have a chance to chat, it was however lovely to see you all. The show on the whole was brilliant and the launch of our charm rolls was a huge success so thank you, thank you, thank you!

The back room of the shop is looking slightly manic at the moment as we have in the builders putting in our indoor toilet so no more cold bums. When all the work is finished we hope to get our workshops underway which I will keep you updated on. We have some great ideas for them and now that Summer is coming to an end (what little there was of it) and the weather is changing, it is the best time to get started on some new projects.

Anyway must go as we have thirsty workers expecting a cuppa.
I hope you are all keeping well



  1. Oooh you've got a blog! Anyway, would have loved to have been to the festival of quilts, it would have been lovely to have 'met' you properly and seen your lovely fabrics.

    Will keep checking back
    Sarah J

  2. Thank you Sarah, I love your blog. I notice you put pics up of the fabrics we sent you, thanks for that, I hope to see a pic added of what you have made from them. Hope you are well x